“I see strange things & my penis hasn’t erected after awarding penalty against Hearts,” Kennedy Padi reveals


The beleaguered referee has revealed that he has not had an erection since he handled the Super Clash a fortnight ago

Underfire referee Kennedy Padi has revealed that he is facing erectile dysfunction since he handled the Super Clash involving Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak in Ghana Premier League a fortnight ago.

Padi was found guilty of manipulating the scoreline in the game between Asante Kotoko and Hearts of Oak at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium a fortnight ago as a penalty he awarded Kotoko helped them to win the day.

Although, he argued during a sitting by the Match Review Panel that Kotoko midfielder Fabio Gama was push and brought down in the box, video replays showed that the Brazilian rather dived, hence making the call a wrong decision.

“Things have not been easy for me in the past days. I have not had an erection from the day I awarded the penalty against Hearts Of Oak,” Padi told Wenchi-based Ewiase FM in an interview.

“Sometimes, I get strange dreams, nightmares and horrific day dreams even when I’m with other people in the house.


The referee insisted that the Hearts player stepped on the foot of the Kotoko player which he later agreed that there was no stepping of foot after watching the video. He then defended that there was a push and pull at a point, which the video clearly showed that it was not the case.


Per the video watched in relation to the 14th minutes incident, player number 24 of Hearts of Oak challenged player number 10 of Asante Kotoko fairly. There was no foul committed which warranted any penalty. The hand on the back of the attacker had no impact on the attacker. More so the attacker should not have failing backwards if the fall was because of the hand of the defender, obviously it was not a push so falling backward suggest a premeditated attempt to fake a foul.

We also considered some factors:

If there was pushing as claimed by the referee, we did not see any movement of the arm from the back to forward. Meaning no HAND MOVEMENT
Neither pulling movement from front to back.
The attacker was already throwing himself down in a completely strange way.

If there was pulling or pushing as claimed by the referee, the attacker should have fallen on the face and not with his back as seen in the video. (FOOTBALL UNDERSTANDING)
The video also showed quite a number of inconsistencies in his decisions during his officiating of the match especially after the penalty incident. The referee lost concentration.


The Panel concluded that, per the video watched, and the refereeā€™s defense is in contrast.

Per the video watched the Panel holds the view that the referee erred in awarding the penalty. This error changed the outcome of the match.

Therefore, the Referee Joseph Kenny Padi is suspended for the rest of the season. This includes all GFA organized matches.

Meanwhile, former referee Eric Owusu Kalla has revealed that Padi has opted to retire prematurely from refereeing after serving his ban.

“Kennedy Padi has decided to retire from officiating football games going forward,” Kalla told Kessben TV.

“I’m sad that Padi is using this case to retire. Oh yes, he is not happy with the situation. He told me one-on-one that he is not going to officiate any game again even after his suspension is over.

“He feels that he was not treated well. Personally, I feel that the penalty he awarded to Kotoko player Fabio Gama was legitimate. We can liken it to that of Ghana vs South Africa where Daniel Amartey was impeded and got penalty for Ghana,” he added.


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