Techiman Nsuta Cell break; one dead, four including three Fulanis on the run


In the late hours of Saturday, August 11, residents of Nsuta a suburb of Techiman in the Brong-Ahafo Region, were alarmed by a gunshot that emanated from the police station.

This prompted the townsfolk nearby to rush to the scene and to their dismay, they met a lifeless body that resembled a young Fulani man behind the counter, a frightened inmate and one police officer on duty.

This raised alarm to suspicions that there has been an attempt to break away from the police cells by the inmates.

Narrating how the events unfolded to, the policeman on duty popularly known as Officer Agogo stated that “three Fulani herds men were arrested last week for allegedly stealing twenty one(21) cows in a nearby village called Abaanaba and were arranged before the Sunyani High Court on Friday, August 10.”

“The trio were brought back to the Nsuta police station upon adjournment of their case but later on Saturday evening, the three criminals plotted a cell break together with two other inmates.

“As night fell with only him at post, they tried to execute their plan by tricking me into their arms so they could kill me and make their way out of the cell.

“They requested for water, of which I went in with some, only to be captured with the intention to strangle me to death but their plan failed,” he said.

“One of the Fulani men went out for a riffle and this gave me the chance to reach my pistol and I shot at him in the process of the struggling with the rest. The remaining four vamoosed and are no where to be found, leaving behind just one inmate who didn’t participate in the cell break plot and the deceased,” he added.

There were reinforcements from the Techiman South and Techiman North police divisions after almost 30 minutes, however, the cell breakers numbering four are still at large and currently under police hunt.

By: Ishmael Da-Don Flexy


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