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it’s somehow ridiculous for a section of football loving fans and pundits to mischievously say the Argentina captain has failed to glitter at the highest stage for his country

By: Samuel K. Obour

First, it’s flagrantly false that Messi has failed to shine for Argentina. He has scored 64 goals, the highest in Argentina’s history.

To put this in perspective, the great Maradona scored 34 goals in 91 appearances for Argentina. That’s roughly one goal every three matches. Messi has scored 64 in 126 appearances. That’s one goal every two matches.

It’s either naive, malicious, dishonest or something far crazier to suggest that Messi does not perform in an Argentina jersey. Just four years ago, the guy was playing in the World Cup final with Argentina. They lost 1-0 in extra time to a solid Germany side that had crushed Brazil 7-1 in the semifinal.
Messi scored four goals and played a key role in several other Argentina goals. For his effort, he was named player of the tournament and later footballer of the year.

At that same World Cup, Ronaldo’s Portugal were knocked out in the group stage. There was no hullabaloo about it. Ronaldo managed to score only one goal – a gift from Ghana’s goalkeeper.

Altogether, Messi and the Argentina senior national team have played in at least three championship finals, all of which they, unfortunately, lost. However, the fact that Argentina qualified to those finals in the first place is proof that Messi’s national team performance has been good, contrary to what some so-called analysts would have us believe.

It’s true that Argentina have been poor at Russia 2018, but that should take nothing away from the fact Messi is – alongside Pele and Maradona – one of the three greatest footballers of all time.

Second, it’s true that Messi’s achievement at Barcelona has been aided by some great midfielders like Iniesta and Xavi. So? What’s the point? Every great footballer achiever, including Ronaldo, is supported by a team of very good players.
However, LA Liga statistics show that in the last nine years, Messi has been Barcelona’s best goal scorer and best midfielder at the same time.

It was only twice in nine years that two Barcelona midfielders, Iniesta and Fabregas, created more goals than Messi.
In eight of nine years, Messi has been Barcelona’s top goalscorer. But forget about his goals. In seven of nine years, Messi has created more goals than any other Barcelona player.

The stats show that he has created more goals for Barcelona than Iniesta and Xavi combined. Therefore, to suggest that Messi is nothing without those players is dishonest and naive.Messi, rather, Barcelona would not have achieved as much as they have. We must give credit where it is due.

Although, Messi is not the only player at Barcelona, he is the only one making such crazy numbers. Even Suarez has not been able to match these numbers. That should tell you something about Messi’s quality.

Another useless argument is that Messi cannot perform in a different club from Barcelona.
Even Lukaku, Morata, Sterling, Vardy and co are scoring like crazy in the premier league. Recently, Salah has started killing it there. And you think Messi, arguably the greatest footballer of all time, will not perform in a decent Premier League club? Please.

Breakdown (LA Liga):

Goal king – 5 times in 9 years (8 times in Barcelona)
Assist king – 5 times in league in 9 years ; 7 times in Barcelona

Goals – 34
Assists – 12 – Best in league

Goals – 37 (Best in league)
Assists – 9 (Best in Barcelona)

Goals – 26
Assists – 16 ( Joint best with Suarez in league

Goals – 43
Assists – 18 (Best in league)

Goals – 28
Assists – 11 (2nd best to Fareham (12) in Barcelona)

Goals – 43 best in league
Assists – 12 (Second to Iniesta (16) in league

Goals – 50 (Best in league. Record)
Assists – 15 (Best in Barca ; 2nd to Ozil (18) in league.

Goals – 31
Assists – 18 (Best in league)

Goals – 34 (Best in league)
Assists – 18 (Best in league)


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