Meet the talented Ghanaian player who signed for Real Madrid but became De Gea’s driver in Spain


The one-time Ghana youth star could not live up to the expectations as series of injuries ended his career

In 1995, the Ghana national team sensationally won the U17 World Cup, defeating Brazil in the final. The goal for the Brazilians was scored by Baba Sule, a boy from a family with 14 children.

After the tournament, Mallorca signed with him, and then invited Real Madrid. The young midfielder was seen as Claude Makelele, energetic, persistent, aggressive on the kick and controlling the entire center of the field.

Baba Sule could not get out of the shock for a long time: to come to the Santiago Bernabeu, to agree on a contract, albeit with registration only in the reserve team and the prospect of an immediate loan to Leganes.

Baba Sule never made his Real Madrid debut either: injuries ended it. He also contracted hepatitis in Mallorca.

Arriving on loan at Leganes, Baba Sule tore ligaments in the first game of the season. He just recovered and in the first game after returning, he crushed his knee. After that there were clubs whose names will not tell you anything.

And then the Ghanaian met David de Gea, then a young Atletico talent. David did not yet have a driver’s license. At first, his parents kicked him out of the house, but then the club found a reliable driver and football, a midfielder from the Madrid club, Baba Sule.

“He was very shy, but we did well. During the trip, I learned the phrases in English. I had a great time with De Gea and his family. We are still in touch, we recently communicated with David’s mother in a conversation, we call David himself. “I always worry when he calls,” says Baba Sule.

After moving to Manchester United, David initially called his Ghanaian friend, who was very surprised to see a British number on the screen of his mobile phone.
! It’s De Gea! Thank you for everything”.

“I sent all the money to my thirteen brothers and sisters,” said Baba Sule.

It is for this reason that the Ghanaian was actively seeking a part-time job, including as a driver. At one point, he got a job as an electrician and then worked at the El Corte Ingles retail chain store.

Now 43, Sule has been with Fuenlabrada, a second-tier Spanish club, for several years. His new tasks are to collect balls, clean boots, wash uniforms.



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