Inter Allies goalkeeper in fix match scandal turns SOLDIER man


The beleaguered goalkeeper has been enrolled in the military just over a year after been caught in a match fixing scandal

Inter Allies goalkeeper Daniel Weirdu Danso who was part of your squad that played a match of convenience against Ashanti Gold has been enrolled in Ghana’s military service.

The youngster conceded seven shocking goals which has led to a four year ban placed on him by Ghana Football Association.

After Inter Allies were relegated from the Premier League last season, Wiredu’s family advised him to look into other ventures. Eventually, he was lucky to be picked by Ghana Military after the enlisting process.

As a result, he did not appear before the Ghana FA disciplinary committee’s invitations.

However, it is uncertain how the top hierarchy of Ghana military will treat his issue as legal implications seem to be on the way.

“On 17th July 2021, Ashantigold SC played Inter Allies FC in the 2020/21
Ghana Premier League match day 34 game at the Obuasi Len Clay
Stadium. After the match, there were several reports within the local and
international football space that the match was fixed to fulfill a correct scoreof 5 goals to 1 in favor of Ashantigold SC. The match eventually ended in 7 goals to 0 against Inter Allies FC,” a Ghana FA statement read.

“A video extract of the match circulated on various social media platforms
showing a player of Inter Allies FC scoring two own goals. The video also
showed a lackluster attitude of players on the field of play.

Sportradar, a Swiss based international company‟s fraud detection system,
a unique service that identifies betting related manipulation in sports
globally for a huge number of leagues through its vast amounts of data
reported that there was strong pre match betting and telltale signs of fraud
on the said match.

The GFA investigated the matter and in accordance with Article 34(5) of the
GFA Premier League Regulations referred Inter Allies FC to the
Disciplinary Committee.

Inter Allies FC was charged on two counts.

Count one. The Club was charged for a breach of Article 34(5)(a) of the
Premier League Regulations (2019) for instigating, commanding, and counselling its players to play a fixed match or match of convenience
between Ashantigold SC and Inter Allies FC to achieve a result in favor of
Ashantigold SC, an act which the club knew or ought to have known at the
time of engaging in it to be contrary to the Premier League Regulations of
the Ghana Football Association.

Count two. The Club was charged for a breach of Article 34(6)(d) of the
GFA Premier League Regulations, (2019) that both teams did act together
with a common purpose to manipulate the match to achieve a desired
result, an act which brought the game of football into disrepute.

The following players and officials of Inter Allies FC were charged for
breaching Article 34(5)(a) of the GFA Premier League Regulations.

Players charged on one count for breaching Article 34(5)(a) of the GFA
Premier league regulations(2019):

Player Name
Jersey Number
Mohammed Zakari
Richard Acquaah
Shaibu Taufiq
Felix Abuska

Players charged on two counts for breaching Article 34(6)(d) of the GFA
Premier league regulations,2019 and Article 26(1) & (2) of the GFA Code of Ethics,2019.

Player Name
Jersey Number
Richmond Lamptey
Fard Ibrahim

Player charged on four counts for breaching Article 34(12), Article 34(5)(a),
Article 34(6)(d) of the GFA Premier League Regulations,2019, Article 11(2)(d) of the
GFA Disciplinary Code.

Hashmin Musah – Player number 5 of Inter Allies FC

Players who did not appear before the Committee
Player Name
Jersey Number
Alex Aso
Abdul Kadir Mohammed
Isah Ali
Sunday Henry Kalu
Andy Okpe
Kingsley Fidelis Kuku
Danso Wiredu Mensah
Officials charged on two counts for breaching Article 11(2)(d) of the
GFA Disciplinary Code,2019 and Article 34(5)(a) of the GFA Premier league
Adjetey Reuben – Team Manager
Boye Joseph Markwei – Goalkeepers trainer
Felix Aboagye – Head Coach


Article 34(5)(a) Premier League Regulations,2019, states:
any GFA or club official or club, or player or participant of a match who instigates, commands counsels solicits, procures, or in any manner purposely aids facilitates encourages or promotes the playing the playing of a fixed match or a match of convenience involving his club or involving other clubs, the result of which may in one way or the other affect his club, commits a grievous offence and the offender shall be referred to
the Disciplinary Committee for appropriate sanctions.
Article 34(5)(b) Premier League Regulations,2019, states:
for the avoidance of doubt it shall be a misconduct for any club,
club official or a player or any p


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