Efia Odo wants change of lifestyle after Ebony’s death



Fast-rising Ghanaian actress Andrea Owusu, known in showbiz as Efia Odo, has admitted that she had similar lifestyle like the deceased Ebony Reigns and although, they have clean hearts society see them as bad influence.

Efia Odo enjoying the scorching sun

Odo believes it is now time to have a change of ways and has advised Ghanaians to show love to people like herself since they need guidance in order to make it in their lives.

“I was no better than Ebony [so I need change of ways]. I was just like her,” Afia Odo told Live FM.

” I live a fun, free, bubbly life. That’s how Ebony was. She wasn’t a bad person.

“You didn’t know the purity of her heart. If you needed her to ‘change’ maybe if you guys had preached with love, she could have been better.

She added: “People look at people like us and think we’re bad and judge us but we’re not bad. We’re just in the world and we’re trying to find our way. We just need guidance. You guys need to bring love to us.”

AshesGyamera understands that Efia Odo has joined Maker’s House Chapel recently, in a bid to become a born again Christian.


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