“You’re goro boy of a disappointed GFA presidential candidate,” Kurt Okraku’s aide Tophic blasts Dan Kwaku Yeboah again


The fight between the two journalists seems unending as each party continues to fire salvos

Renowned journalist Dan Kwaku Yeboah has been attacked once again by Sheikh Tophic Seinu, aide of Ghana Football Association president Kurt Okraku, after the former labelled the latter as a goro boy.

In Tophic’s reply to Dan, he has revealed that the Peace FM journalist is someone who helped undercover journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas to disgrace banned Ghana FA president Kwesi Nyantakyi and later took over the position of Saanie Daara at the FA as the spokesperson.

“Dear Dan Kwaku Yeboah,

Did you call me a goro boy on your show yesterday? Oh, I thought u knew I was a goro loooooong time ago. For your information, it is good to be a goro boy for the GFA President than to be a goro boy for a disappointed GFA Presidential candidate. I am a proud goro boy,” Tophic wrote on Facebook.

“Your level of envy and jealousy is the reason u are where u are today.

“You were the greatest critic of Ibrahim Sannie Dara, the biggest sports journalist the country has ever been blessed with.

“I recall when he said u went bonkers on your show, you had to consult a dictionary to really understand him. Sorry, for an agric student like u, I can’t blame u for consulting a dictionary before understanding Sannie.

“Sannie is an international award winning journalist, not the kind of locally skewed awards u win, yet, u always denigrated him, lashed and dragged him in the mud, simply because u were envious of his position.

“Few days after you teamed up with Anas to crush the Nyantakyi-led FA, the whole world saw your envy, hatred and jealousy when you jumped onto Sannie’s position with alacrity. Such a person like you have no moral right to have a say in any intellectual discourse on football in this country.

“Dan, if u are a journalist worth your salt, you wouldn’t have jumped on Sannie’ job no matter who appointed you. That would have been a true definition of integrity.

“Kwaku, you recall your convo with me when former President Mahama announced the $1.7m for the former Ghanaian players who won the previous AFCONS?

“U were angry with Rev. Osei Kofi and were not even inviting him to your shows because you claimed they should have given u some of the money because you pushed their agenda for them. Oh, what kind of a journalist does this? Oh so u were championing an agenda because of your stomach and not because of humanity as you claim? That is proper goro journalism. Dan banza kawai!

“Dan, after your persistent agenda against KN, your own Kwame Sefa Kayi spitted you on your own show when he said “Kwesi Nyantakyi, wo boɔ nie.” Anyone worth his salt would have stepped down from Peace FM from that very day because it was a direct insult to u. But because u lacked integrity, u laughed it off.

“Dan, if ever there is a convoy on integrity, be a spectator and don’t dare participate because u lack every bit of that word.

“Do you recall the man u started insulting on your shows because u went to him for his car to attend an event and he denied you?

Charlie, as for integrity, don’t go there. U lack every bit of it.

Anyway, thanks for the insults u sent me privately. I’ll keep that audio for posterity.

But let me give you a word of counsel. When u have an issue with your fellow man, be a man and not the opposite by sending audios and insulting anyhow. Ɛno deɛ, ɛnnyɛ.

Last one: gyae ahoɔyaa ne anibrɛ na yɛ kɛse wai, but if you can’t just envy, jealousy and hatred, SHUT UP! 🔥”


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