“Kotoko haven’t paid Mfegue’s transfer fee to Avion FC but they can’t go to Fifa,” agent Tigana explains why


Despite the Cameroonian club’s chief revealing their decision to send Asante Kotoko to Fifa following a breach of contract, an agent has opened up on issues surrounding the player

Football agent Amadou Fontem Tigana, who owns Royal Soccer Scout Management, has dared Avion Academy of Doula president Pierre Batamak to file legal complaints against Asante Kotoko at Fifa if they think their hands are clean.

This comes after an interview by Batamak in Cameroon on Monday, where he insisted that Kotoko have refused to honour a contract signed with them last year.

The Cameroonian club released striker Rodrigues Mfegue Omgba to Kotoko at the start of the season in a three-year deal and according to Batamak, Kotoko owe Avion an amount of €15,000 as part of the transfer fee agreed.

He further explained that despite several notices to Kotoko, they have decided not to honour their part of the contract.

“They were supposed to complete the payment on March 15 but have not done so to date,” president Pierre Batamak revealed in an interview with Cameroonian journalists.

“If payment is not made by May 1st, we will work with our legal team to report Kotoko to FIFA,” he added.

However, Fontem Tigana who reportedly brokered the deal for Mfegue to sign for Kotoko, believes it is rather Avion FC president Batamak who is making things difficult since he is not ready to pay the 30 per cent agency fee.

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It will be recalled that Tigana was the one who negotiated the deals for Mfegue and Etouga Mbella with Kotoko chief executive officer Nana Yaw Amponsah but he has been sidelined as Avion are not ready to pay him his part of transfer fee.

Etouga Mbella and agent Tigana

“It’s true Kotoko haven’t paid the €15,000 balance for Mfegue but it is because of Avion FC that is why the matter has reached this stage,” Tigana said as quoted by AshesGyamera.com.

“I brokered the deal for both Mfegue and Etouga before they were able to arrive in Ghana but when the first payment was made for Mfegue, his club insisted that they don’t know me but for Mbella, I don’t have any issue with his club.

“How can that be possible? I’m someone who worked day and night to see to it that Mfegue was signed so their conduct came as a surprise. I had the mandate from the player to represent him so I was shocked at the sudden turn of events.

“Kotoko are ready to pay the balance but they have not done so because of the confusion between myself and the leadership of Avion FC.

“If they feel that Kotoko have breached a contract signed with them, they should send the matter to Fifa and I will even be happy since that will help me to recieve my share of the money.

“I don’t think Kotoko will send the money until my issue is resolved because Nana Yaw Amponsah knows the role I played throughout and since he is a former player agent, he understands the situation thoroughly,” Tigana added.

According to AshesGyamera.com’s investigations, Tigana has recieved £4,000 for his role played for Etouga to join Kotoko but another Cameroonian player agent called Christian Mbongo has insisted that he is the one that had the original mandate from Mfegue to represent him.

Therefore, even if Fontem Tigana spoke to Kotoko on behalf of Mfegue, he had no legal rights from his player to do so. He has further advised his colleague to deal with Avion and rather not involve Mfegue in the financial tussle.

Mfegue has been an instant hit and one of the supporters favourite at Asante Kotoko after scoring six goals and providing three assists this season.


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