Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Federation (GWBF) goes to Congress on 9th April 2022


The Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Federation GWBF is set to go to Congress on the 9th April 2022 , with an election time release by the Federations Electoral Committee which was sighted by our outfit and confirmed by the Secretary General of the Federation Mr Wilson Agbesi has indicated that the long awaited congress will take place on the 9th of April 2022.

The Secretary General further revealed that the Federation have a very detailed and comprehensive time as far as the process is concern starting from Regional Elections to the National Congress and they are working hard in making sure they hold a very successful and historic congress .

When ask if he will be contesting his position again , the outspoken Secretary General smile and this is what he said !

‘I think am not surprised about your question at all , haha ! I knew you will surely ask but at the moment my focus is not about either I will be contesting or not , my focus is far from that my main focus at the moment is to make sure together with other board members in making sure that the biggest step back we have as a Federation for some time now which is the IWBF is finally settled as the Ministry had trigger the process of the debt settlement , I think that is my focus now that is what will make me happy at this moment but not about either I will be contesting or not ,let’s leave that for now and tackle the pressing issue at hand . In addition to this my another focus is to see to it that all process put in place as far as the Congress is concern is implemented and done well to the admiration of all of us !

When he was pushed to the wall about he contesting again he again smile and concluded with this ,

My brother ,you don’t just stand up and say you are contesting an election or you are not , a lot of stuff are involved in this , you need to carry out a lot of consultantations before deciding on a step to take so please it is not just a days decision so as I earlier said let’s leave it for now and I believe when we get to the said bridge we then know how to cross it ,haha .

I think you are okay now and don’t worry you will surely know at the right time I will be contesting or not but for now is too early and I will plead with you not to distract my attention from my main Focus at the moment .

The Secretary General was full of smile and in lovely mood throughout our interview with him , below is the final time table for the GWBF congress.

GWBF 2022 Congress / Election Time Table.

From Regional to National .

  1. Monday 28th February – Notice of Election to all Regions.
  2. Thursday 3rd March – Regional Election Nomination Open .
  3. Monday 7th March – Regional Election Nomination Close .
  4. Wednesday 9th March – Vetting of candidates .
  5. Saturday 12 March – Regional Election and Swearing In of Executives

6 . Monday 14th March – Submission of Executives Name to GWBF National.

  1. Monday 14th March – Nomination open for Athletes commissioner Election .
  2. Wednesday 16th March – Nomination close for Athletes commissioner Election .
  3. Monday 21st March – Athletes commission election .

10 . Friday 25th March – Nomination of National Election Open .

11.Thursday 31st March Nomination close for National Election .

12 . Monday 4th April : Vetting of candidates .

13 . Wednesday 6th April – Publication of candidates .

  1. Saturday 9th April -National Congress , Election and Swearing in of Elected Executives .

Thanks .

By : GWBF Election Committee .


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