Maybe English FA wants to learn ‘age cheating’ from Ghana, former UK High Commissioner slams Nyantakyi


The former British diplomat to Ghana has taken a swipe at the Caf vice president after he said the European country want to learn player registration from Ghana

Former British High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin has thrown shades at Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi, after the latter said on Monday that English and Scottish FA want to learn how smooth player registration has been done in the West African country after being praised constantly by Fifa.

However, Benjamin, who spent close to three years in the country and got familiar with how Ghanaians register football players, suggests that maybe Nyantakyi wants to teach the Europeans how to have two separate ages -one in real life and one for playing football

The diplomat jokingly revealed that his football age per the Ghanaian ways of doing things is 23 years despite recently turning 55 years of age.


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