Match commissioner’s report exposes referee Maxwell Hanson’s deliberate attempt to cheat BA United for RTU


Although, the disciplinary committee of Ghana Football Association has ruled in favour of Real Tamale United in their away game against Brong Ahafo United, therefore awarding them three points and three goals since B.A United supporters’ actions brought the game to an abrupt end, the match commissioner’s report has been seen by a section of Ghanaians as an indictment on the centre referee.

On July 4, B.A United hosted RTU at the Coronation Park in Sunyani and the game ended abruptly following the indiscipline act of the home supporters.

Referee Maxwell Hanson ignored B.A United’s two penalty appeals and awarded a dubious one to RTU by the 40th minute which infuriated the home supporters and they invaded the pitch to physically manhandled the men in black.

Although, the referee rescinded his decision award the penalty to RTU, it was too little too late because he and his assistants had been subjected to serious inhumane treatments.

And according to the match commissioner’s report to Ghana FA, it was the referee who caused the whole unexpected chaos since he rejected the advise given to him by his assistant one and fourth referee through their communication device.

“On the 40th minute of the game, the referee awarded a penalty in favour of the Away Team (RTU). Immediately the referee pointed at the penalty spot, I overheard the Assistant
Referee I and the 4th Referee shout into the communication gadget that, it was not a penalty,” the match commissioner wrote in his report to Ghana FA.

“But the referee refused to change his decision. some fans believed to be supporters of B.A United jumped the inner perimeter and invaded the field of play, and attacked the officiating officials. The referee kept running whiles they were chasing him. They finally caught him and assaulted him, beating him severely. Some of the fans also attacked the assistant referees. Initially, the policemen kept on watching whiles these fans were assaulting the referee.

“When they saw that, things were getting out of hand, then some of the policemen rushed to rescue the referee but could not contain the angry fans of B.A United. The military was called in. They came to rescue the referees. This brought the game into 29 minutes holdup. When sanity was restored, the referee changed his decision from the penalty to drop ball. When the ball was dropped, whiles play continued, RTU fans also became furious and threw stones, sachet water, and any missiles they
could lay their hands on onto the field. The referee stopped the game. All the Officiating Officials, players, and officials of both teams massed ourselves up at the center of the field to prevent any injury.”

The statement added: “The security was called to action, it took them 15 minutes to bring the situation under control. The referee continued the game and ended the first half. When the first half came to an end, fans of both teams massed themselves with stones, sticks, and other offensive weapons at the tunnel leading to the dressing room.”

The points awarded to RTU have seen them closing in one Bofoakwa Tano with only two points difference ahead of the last round of matches to be played this weekend.


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