Late J.B Danquah’s former wife slams Kennedy Agyapong; uncontrollable losers yearn for attention


Miss Ivy Heward-Mills, former wife of late member of parliament J.B Danquah has fired back at Assin North MP Kennedy Agyapong after the latter alleged that ace investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas has been sleeping with her following the death of her husband few years ago.

This comes after Anas and his Tiger P.I crew had hinted to expose corruption which has engulfed Ghana football in recent times, and Agyapong in many of his purported attempts to halt the premiering has been fingered Anas of flirting around with Ivy.


However, the lady in question suggests that Agyapong is just a losers talker who is trying to use her and many others to get attention.

“Good morning, fellow parents; I greet you from a place of joy, peace, love and empathy,” Ivy wrote on Facebook.

“The way we raise our sons and daughters is vital. If we teach our children values like “respect for self and others. If we build their self-esteem and mold their characters into children who will become men and women of dignity and integrity, we would have raised a polite society in which some of the traits we observe in people of authority today would be absent,” the statement added.

She continued, “Unfortunately, we live in a society where brutal uncontrollable losers with low self-esteem who yearn for attention, kick and rub their feet in the air like sixteen-year-old tantrum-throwers who inevitably become certified world class bullies as adults. This sort of adults potentially ends up in our homes as spouses, in our workplaces as “leaders” or followers, in public places we visit, etc.

“We find that we are surrounded by bullies; cowards with little or no self esteem who resort to abuse and the denigration of others to fuel their egos as they engage in their daily battles to desperately seek relevance in an overt never-ending “fight for power to shield their inadequacies by any means necessary” sort of facade; sometimes to deflect attention from facts they find abrasive. Woe betides us if these bullies have some money or influence!

She adviced that, “When you encounter such bullies, especially when their pathetic selves decide to prey on you or use you as a weapon to fight lost causes, do not validate their existence or dignify them with any direct exchanges.

“We live in a country with laws. The constitution never sleeps. Let us mind how we raise our children after all, as William Wordsworth wrote in his 1807 poem “The Rainbow,” the “child is the father of the man.” Madam Ivy Heward-Mills emphasized.

She wished us all a beautiful fruitful day. And oh… God bless our homeland Ghana. #IAMANAS #NUMBER12,” she concluded.

The premiering of the exposé is slated for June 6 & 7 in Accra.


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