GFA announce financial packages for clubs


The Executive Committee of the Ghana Football Association has approved financial packages for clubs ahead of the start of the 2019/2020 Football Season.

The package is an advance to the clubs to help them prepare for the upcoming season, and it will be deducted from sponsorship funds due the clubs should the GFA secure sponsorship deals for the respective leagues.

Below is a breakdown of financial packages to Premier League, Division One and Women’s Premier League clubs:

1. 50,000 Cedis for each of the 18 Premier League club totalling 900,000 Cedis.

2. 25,000 Cedis for each of the 48 Division One League clubs totalling 1,200,000 Cedis.

3. 10,000 Cedis to each of the Women’s Premier League Clubs.

The GFA will also supply the following number of footballs to the clubs: 30 footballs to each of the Premier League club, 20 footballs to each Division One club and 20 footballs to each Women’s Premier League club.

The Executive Council has also approved subsidies for registration cards for the various competitions.

Premier League clubs will pay 10 cedis per card instead of 50, Division One clubs will pay 10 cedis per card instead of 25 cedis and women’s clubs will also pay 10 cedis per card instead of 25 cedis.

The GFA has also approved that registration cards will be free from next season.

Meanwhile all clubs will receive sets of bibs in the course of the season when the bibs promised the clubs arrive.

-Ghana FA


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