Former president Rawlings apologises to Mahama & Kuffour over flogging comments


The former first gentleman of the state has issued a heartfelt apology to his colleagues after an unguarded comments made recently

Ghana former president John Jerry Rawlings has officially apologised to his colleague former leaders John Agyekum Kufuor and John Mahama after surprisingly launching a scathing attack on them and believes the diction used was inappropriate”.

During a meeting with the chiefs and elders from Mepe in the Volta Region few days ago, Rawlings imsisted that he is a clean gentleman unlike his other colleagues and when he sees them in heaven, will protest for them to be flogged for their selfish character which have landed the country in a shambles recently.

He said: “I know with my integrity when I die, I will go to heaven but when I see these corrupt leaders, I will ask permission from God and flog them.

President Rawlings’ apology


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