BREAKING NEWS: ‘Cash-strapped’ Eleven Wonders handed transfer ban after failing to pay Abu Sule despite GFA’s final warning


The Bono East club is in financial crises and that could lead them into more troubles with Ghana FA as they were unable to meet the final deadline given them to settle their former player

Ghana Premier League side Eleven Wonders are in financial crisis and have been automatically hit with a transfer ban and could even face demotion from the top-flight following their inability to raise to pay former player Abu Sule.

Eleven Wonders were fined GH₵5,000 by Ghana FA on July 24 after they failed to pay former midfielder Sule following the club’s wrongful termination of his contract a couple of months ago.

The disciplinary committee ordered Techiman to pay the midfielder his combined signing-on fee and salaries of GH₵33,300 cedis in June and followed it up with an enforcement letter in July but they have still defied that orders once again.

It will be recalled that Ghana FA’s disciplinary committee found Techiman guilty of illegally terminating the contract of Sule on June 2, and they were given fourteen days to settle the midfielder every penny owed him after an enforcement letter was sent to them.

However, with the club facing financial difficulties and reports suggest that it could be sold, they have been unable to settle the player, neither have they also paid their fine to Ghana FA.

Wonders’ fourteen days deadline expired on Friday, August 13 but according to Sule, nobody from the club contacted him nor pay the money to his personal bank account given them as at the deadline- Friday evening.

“Nobody have spoken to me or my representatives about the settlement. I checked my balance in my bank account very late on Friday and even this morning but nothing was paid,” Sule told

“I think they are trying to send a message across and it simply means that they won’t pay. They feel Ghana FA can’t punish them in spite of the warnings and letters given them.

“All I can say at this juncture is that I’m looking up to the FA because they hold the key to whatever can happen. All I need is my money and the FA are doing everything right to get it to me so I’m patiently waiting as things unfold. I trust those at the FA so things will end well for me,” he added.

According to Article15 (1)(c) of the Ghana FA Disciplinary Code, for Techiman Eleven Wonders failing to pay the amounts within the stipulated time, the following sanctions shall apply automatically:
i. the Club shall suffer a transfer ban (both domestic and international) for
a period of one (1) year.

“Article 15(1) of the GFA Disciplinary Code (as amended) states as follows:

“Anyone who fails to pay another person (such as a player, a coach or a club) or GFA a sum of money in full or part, even though instructed to do so by a body, a committee or an instance of GFA, CAF, FIFA or a CAS decision (financial decision), or anyone who fails to comply with another final decision (non-financial
decision) passed by a body, a committee or an instance of GFA, CAF, FIFA or by CAS:

a) will be fined for failing to comply with a decision; in addition:
b) will be granted a final deadline of 14 days in which to pay the amount due or to comply with the non-financial decision;
c) in the case of clubs, upon expiry of the aforementioned final deadline and in the event of persistent default or failure to comply in full with the decision within the period stipulated, a transfer ban will be pronounced until the complete amount due is paid or the non-financial decision is complied with.
A deduction of points or relegation to a lower division may also be ordered in addition to a transfer ban in the event of persistent failure, repeated offences or serious infringements or if no full transfer could be imposed or served for any reason.”

Wonders narrowly avoided relegation last season after a difficult campaign. Defender Amos Frimpong has left the club this week to sign for Guinean club CI Kamsar and reports suggest other top players will likely follow suit to reduce their wage bill.


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