You can control late Ebony’s songs and businesses henceforth, Bullet tells Ebony’s father


The Music producers has admitted that he has had enough from the father of the late employer and wants the man to control all the music related activities

RuffTown Records CEO Ricky Nana Agyemang has insisted that he is no more going to work on the unreleased songs of the late Ebony following the greediness of the musician’s father.

Mr. Kwarteng, who has become the subject of many discussions on radio, social media and TV following allegations that Bullet has been cheating him over monies generated from the works of his late daughter, got to the peak last week after he alleged that Bullet only paid him ¢2,000 of the an alleged ¢39,999.

Press release from RuffTown Records



1. I went round looking for funds to support the funeral bola ray is my witness. all the money they donated you took all and didn’t even say thank you bullet (remember these are ppl you don’t know from anywhere but my own ppl who wanted to support cos of me.)

2.There was a cloth deal and you wanted more percentage so I gave you 10percent of my didn’t say thank you

3. VGMA award money I was entitled to my percentage but I gave all to you,you didn’t say thank you

4. Ohio tribute concert I didn’t take my percentage I gave all to you,still you didn’t say thank you

5. The funeral I spent over 5000 cedis being payment of bands didn’t say thank you and I didn’t even ask you to give it back to me from all the cash ppl donated cos I was doing for ohemaa

6. Tribute concert you brought your men to check the gate proceeds ,whatever we made was counted by the bank in presence of your men, Kasapreko and rufftown. Everything was transparent so why come attack me?

7. I wrote and owned 95 percent of ebony’s law ebony is suppose to earn between 10-20 percent royalties but I gave her 40percent

8. Few weeks ago you received 9300 us dollars from online royalties and you still going round saying bullet is cheating when i hv given u 40 per cent of my own right instead of 10 or 20 per cent? have sidelined Midas touch my partners but they will soon come and talk!


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