Shocking: Legendary goalkeeper Robert Mensah’s son Kofi Antoh commits suicide; Check why?


The young man has reportedly taken his life and rumours suggest it was a result of frustrations he has been facing recently

Former popular Ghana goalkeeper Robert Mensah’s son, Kofi Antoh has been confirmed dead by his family on Wednesday, AshesGyamera understands.

According to the family, Antoh, who has been recently getting media attention and always in the news to talk about his father’s exploits with Ghana’s national team, committed suicide – something that has shocked almost everyone in the family.

Antoh who recently generated a lot of news with regards to his late father’s famous cup is no more with us as he has taken his own life.

He was born in 1971, on the day when his father, a legendary Ghana goalkeeper, was stabbed to death after a misunderstanding at a pub and he would later grow to learn all the good things his dad did for the nation through soccer.

Although, he didn’t inherit a lot of properties from his late father, Antoh paid much attention to his father’s famous cap which he used to play football by keeping the post for Ghana.

Even in one of his recent interviews, Antoh insisted that he will never trade the hat for a million dollars since that cap reminds him of the good works his late father did for the country through football.


However, rumours were rife on Wednesday that Antoh had ended his life and it was later confirmed by family members.

Growing up as children there was this popular song we all sang which vividly described the events leading to the unfortunate demise of undoubtedly Ghana’s greatest ever goalkeeper Robert Mensah.

The song which was sang in Twi gave picturesque events leading to the death of Robert Mensah and the aftermath which resulted in her then pregnant wife giving birth prematurely to Robert Mensah Jnr. aka Kofi Anto[ means did not come to meet his father or parents].

“The family said three days ago, Kofi Anto seemed uneasy and asked his son who was playing around him to go out and play and not make so much noise around him,” journalist Blakk Rasta who is closer to the family revealed.

“It was this opportunity he took to hang himself,” he added.

The family is expected to formally make his funeral arrangements known to the public in the coming days.


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