Kevin Taylor repiles Nana Aba Anamoah & co. following encounter with journalist Albert


I am all against some uncouth persons using social media as medium in Going after people who never offend them.
I am not a saint, admittedly I have attacked the opinion of some persons I do not even know on this medium that if given another chance, I wouldn’t have reacted to their opinions the way I did.

It goes a long way to confirm that in the heat of things, people are likely to say things which may be quite distasteful.
On a universally accessible platform like Facebook, Twitter among other social media platforms, not everyone will have same temperament hence tolerance is one keyword which should guide all persons on these mediums.

This case of Nana Aba Anamoah and her brigade using a professional position to settle a seemingly personal vendetta against a young man is the lowest any reality show panel can go.
If Ghana was America, trust me sponsors of the show will pull out and other contestants will boycott it ultimately.

I cannot say much about Serwaa Amihere but Nana Aba Anamoah and Bridget Otoo are accomplices of the very thing they were displeased about the young man appearing before them doing.
If you follow them closely on Twitter, they go after people who disagree with their position on pressing issues over the least thing.
Either make a joke about their looks or General appearance or their grammar.

There are a dozen of instance Nana Aba Anamoah has tried ridiculing social media political activists who disagree with her on some political issues.
She takes no prisoners in stating how people are party FOOT-SOLDIERS all are clandestine approach to demean them among others.
To them, foot soldiers have no brain and if you dare disagree with one, they will ambush you and vilify you together with some of their none thinking followers.

Bridget Otoo does same, including Lydia Forson whom Nana Aba was fighting for on the panel.
These aforementioned three, if you disagree with them, you are always seen by them as uninformed, ignorant, jealous, low lifer among others.

The last time Nana Aba Anamoah tried that silly tactics on NDC social media activists on Facebook, it “Over Am” with the barrage of counter clap backs she received from some NDC activists.
I was particularly pleased that a number of sense was pumped into her on that occasion.
She ultimately restricted the comment section on that particular post, restricted comments on her general posts on Facebook for sometime and eventually deleted the post about NDC Foot-Soldiers which led to she being brutally taken to the cleaners.

If they(Nana Aba and Bridget Otoo) can wait for that long to payback their offender as they have done in their trending video, it shows how petty, uncouth and vindictive they are themselves.
Their conduct is not different from a presiding judge who refused looking at the substance of a case before him but sentenced the accused person based on a confrontation between him and the accused outside the courtroom.

Is Nana Aba and friends saying that if they were medical doctors, they will watch on for a patients they had a confrontation with on social media to die because they felt disrespected by his or her opinion?
Has Nana Aba herself not insulted and disrespected many people on her Twitter handle countless times?
Why then turn what should be a professional platform into settling a personal score ?

Young people go through many faces before carving the perfect niche for themselves behaviorally.
I trust that, in her current stage and position, Nana Aba Anamoah wouldn’t have even contemplated doing an embarrassing photoshop of visiting Old Trafford which led to her infamous Sack from Tv3 but life is a learning process.

They missed the opportunity of reforming the young man to be a decent human being without even letting the world know about it.

Collectively, leading social media platforms will have to do a lot more on their community standard to keep trolls and abusers in check.
That does not mean free speech should be restricted, if you are foolish you deserved to be called foolish with no apology.

The boy too what “ sort of this thing is that”😂
These bitter misandrists are people you have reportedly consistently disrespected, all in the name of savage replies and comments.
What was he thinking in going there to be vetted ?

Lessons all over to be learnt regardless but not obviously from Nana Aba and her sugar babies who are accomplices of cyber bullying and trolls.



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