I’ve been diagnosed of Cardiomegaly – Psalm Adjetefio


Veteran actor, Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT of Taxi Driver series fame is currently battling enlarged heart complications. The actor said, he was told by his physician that the lower chamber of his heart is unable to pump the blood fully so had to undergo a surgery to correct the defect. Speaking on the Delay show, TT, further disclosed that apart from his heart problem, he was told about position shift in some of his organs. “According to my doctors, I have a large heart and they said the lower chamber of my heart is unable to pump the blood fully so after pumping the blood, some blood is left in the chamber. That is why my feet has swollen. Apart from my heart, I have to undergo some surgery to correct certain things in my body. They said some of the organs have shifted position.” According to the ‘James Town Fisherman’ actor, he is still active with his acting career since he has bills to settle with regards to his surgery and house rent. “Currently I still act to survive though I’m battling serious health issues. I have bills to pay so I can’t quit acting. I’m now perching with a friend at East Legon but we will be leaving to a different place soon. We’ve had a new place to rent at Dodowa area but had to pay GHc10,000. Though I’m still not well yet I have to act to get money to pay for the rent.” TT added. When asked about how he was featured in the popular Taxi Driver series, the actor revealed that he was spotted on the set of Ultimate Paradise and given the opportunity to star in the popular television series. He later stopped teaching as he got more roles in other movies. “I made GHS 10 cedis, per episode” he remarked, when asked how much he earned on set. TT admitted that although the GHS10 was not enough for him since he was married, he was doing other things to keep his family going. According to him when the TV series ended, he said the negative impact was not so huge since he had gotten links with other people in the movie fraternity. This earned him roles in movies and series which helped cater for his family. The actor is currently requesting the general public to lend a helping hand to support his surgery and rent.



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