Great Kofata donates to Ghana government to help fight Coronavirus disease


The business mogul has made a huge donation to the seat of government as part of his company’s social corporate responsibilities to help fight the global pandemic

The managing director of Kofata Motors, Emmanuel Bright Obeng Nyarko, has donated 100,000 cedis to help Ghana government in their bid to fight Coronavirus disease and affected families.

The business mogul, affectionately known as Great Kofata, made the payment to the fund set up by Nana Akufo-Addo’s led government through astute sport journalist and aide to Youth and Sports minister Kofi Asare Brako ‘Abatay’ and said his “heart goes out to all those affected as a results” and urged others to donate what they can to help fight the common enemy.

So far, 23 confirmed cases have been recorded in Ghana including one death in the second largest city of Kumasi.

Great Kofata is the first person to come to government’s aide and other high-profile individuals are expected to emulate his awesome gestures as the cases are expected to hit almost 100 by the end of the week according to experts.


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