Frustrated teacher trainee slams Akufo-Addo government’s double standard on NABCO employment & licensing exams


A disgruntled teacher trainee named Emmanuel Kusi has launched a scathing attack on New Patriotic Party’s led government following the recent employment created for about 100,000 Ghanaian youth.

According to the young man, who completed St. Joseph’s College of Education (Josco,) and awaiting his final posting after completion of school, he doesn’t understand why National Teachers Council (NTC) forced him and his colleagues to write license exams before they can be posted to classrooms, while most of people in the NABCO list, who lacks the methods of teaching and didn’t write the license exams have been posted into various schools across the country.

“It’s very funny how this government has hold the lincensing of teachers in a very high esteem and created the impression of how good teachers will be with the license but here we are,” he wrote on Facebook.

“This same government is employing people who don’t have license,haven’t learned any methodology of teaching to occupy our various classrooms in other to fulfill a political agenda.

“I’m not against NABCO, neither am I against my fellow countymen being given the opportunity to serve the nation but my worries are;

1.What happened to the license exams that teacher trainees were forced to write?

2. What training has these NABCO recruits got to handle our classrooms that the trainee teacher doesn’t?

Time will surely tell,” he added.

According to AshesGyamera‘s sources, over 9,500 teacher trainees from the various Teacher Training Colleges are in the house with no idea of what the future holds for them.


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