Asamoah Gyan in trouble: Court awards cars, two houses, and gas station to Ghana legend’s ex-wife in divorce case


After a protracted three-year legal battle, an Accra court has delivered a verdict today affirming Asamoah Gyan’s paternity of the three children born to Gifty Gyan.

The court has decreed that Asamoah Gyan is obligated to provide financial support to Gifty Gyan in the form of a monthly stipend of 25,000 Ghana cedis.

However, this financial assistance does not encompass specific expenses such as school fees, medical and dental care, flight tickets, and various other childcare costs.

In addition to the financial obligations, the court has ruled that Asamoah Gyan’s mansion located in the United Kingdom be transferred to Gifty Gyan as part of the settlement.

She has also been awarded a four-bedroom house situated in Spintex, Accra.

Furthermore, the court has adjudicated that two vehicles owned by Asamoah Gyan, a BMW and an Infiniti, be handed over to Gifty Gyan.

Additionally, Asamoah Gyan’s land, originally designated for the construction of a filling station, has been assigned to Gifty Gyan.

This legal decision represents a significant development in the longstanding and intricate legal dispute involving Asamoah Gyan and Gifty Gyan, particularly in relation to the custody of their children and associated financial matters.

It is worth noting that in 2018, Asamoah Gyan publicly disclosed his financial challenges, citing bankruptcy.

The situation further complicated matters, as Gyan reportedly ceased communication with his wife, Gifty, and their three children since August. Phone calls from the family have gone unanswered.

Amidst these developments, Asamoah Gyan is said to have expressed his intention to seek an annulment of his marriage to Gifty,

This test has been requested by Asamoah Gyan’s older brother, Baffuor, adding another layer of complexity to this intricate family saga.



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